Learn about solar

Why rooftop solar?

  • It’s financially effective – payback in 7-10 years, increases property values
  • Health benefits – Burning less fossil fuels results in improved air quality, less smog, and much fewer incidences of asthma.
  • Climate benefits – Reduces your household’s and our region’s carbon footprint
  • Creates neighborliness – engages each of us in discussions about our energy use
  • Strengthens the clean energy industry – we meet our saviors guised as solar installers, and learn about
    • Solar potential – Currently 1% of our region’s electricity needs. Rooftop solar could provide up to 20% our needs.
    • Jobs potential – Currently the industry provides about 100 jobs in our region. When scaled up, could provide up to 4000 jobs.
  • Weakens fossil fuel industry
  • Builds our local resilience in the face of climate chaos.

Solar for us

  • Is my roof suitable for solar?
  • How much electricity do I need & how much can my rooftop produce? Checkout this Solar calculator from EnergySage (a US Dept of Energy project), to get a quick snapshot for your property. Be sure to have a recent electric bill handy! Working with us and a solar contractor will definitely get you more precise numbers, but this is a start.