Mutual Support for Rooftop Solar

There’s a team in West Philly offering mutual support for rooftop solar. Given an address, they’ll design your system and offer a ballpark summary. For free.

And if you want to buy the panels yourself, they’ll point you to suppliers and local contractors. Still for free.

If you have a handyman, electrician and roofer you like working with, great. This team offers to train your handyman, electrician or roofer for a basic solar install. They say it’s not much different from wiring an electric kitchen stove with 220 volt wiring. Again, free.

Of course, there’s paperwork involved. With PECO as well as Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses & Inspections. This team offers to coach you on the needed paperwork. Still, free.

Note: This is a social support group of homeowner volunteers, and there is no contractual agreement for services implied about any of this information sharing, and no payment expected. Participate at your own level of comfort.

More info

  • links to resources such as articles and the public websites we use to come up with this jazz.
  • various calculators and online tools we used in our solar designathon so we can essentially open source our process,
  • gallery of the designs we’ve done.
  • July 25 2018,  Old homes, high poverty make Philadelphia housing less than affordable for some, WHYY, ” to help with housing quality, the city also has a Basic Systems Repair Program, Greenberger said. Under the program, homeowners with a maximum annual income of $37,650 for a family of four are eligible for free boiler and heating repairs, as well as roof replacement in some cases of major interior damage.”


If still interested, please contact Tim Siftar,