National Solar Home Tour – Oct 6 & 7

Curious about rooftop solar? Many people in our region are happy with their investment & installation, and are showing off their systems and stories at the upcoming National Solar Tour. 

The American Solar Energy Society ( has been doing this tour every year for at least 30 years. It’s a chance for people considering rooftop solar to meet their neighbors, check out their systems and actually see what it’s like to be part of the clean energy revolution. 

Free and open to the public – all welcome!  Find a house near you and take the tour! 

  • Sat Oct 6 @ 10 – 5 / 616 Oak Park Rd, Hatfield PA / register here / We have a brick rancher built in 1960. In addition to the solar electric we have 2 4×10 solar hot water panels heating a storage tank holding about 400 gallons of water. It’s a non pressurized drain-back system. We insulated the house with soy foam and cellulose. We have rain barrels, a rain garden, honeybees, our yard is filled with plants that support bees and pollinators. 
  • Sat Oct 6 @ 10 – 2:30 / 566 Jamestown St, Philadelphia PA / register here / Ballasted system connected to first floor apartment in a two story row home. Excess credited to owner’s residence about 10 houses away in the same block. In Pennsylvania this is called virtual meter aggregation. The house with the PV system is at a very busy, very visible corner.
  • Sat Oct 6 @ 10 – 6 / 100 College Ave, Flourtown PA / register here / Because I have a shady roof, I opted for a pole-mounted system in my backyard. It does bidirectional tracking. 
  • Sat Oct 6 @ 5 – 7 / 8634 Millman Pl, Philadelphia PA / register here / After we lost three trees on the south/west side of the house last year, just enough sunlight became available to make solarizing worthwhile.
  • Sun Oct 7 @ 1:30 – 5 / 401 Crescent Rd, Wyncote PA / register here /  The 7.92 kW PV system, installed in 2012, is part of a comprehensive renovation of a 1950s home for maximal energy efficiency, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.  Additional conservation measures include insulation, geothermal heating and cooling, passive solar features (e.g. maximizing use of natural light), and energy-efficient appliances and lighting. 
  • Sun Oct 7 @ 2 – 5  / 325 S 25th St, Philadelphia PA / register here / Our original solar system was installed in 2010 (4.3 kW). We expanded our system in 2017, adding 4.8 kW. In 2018 we added integrated EV charging inverter to charge Chevy Bolt EV.

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