Time to lobby for Community Solar

We’ve learned that PA Senator Mario Scavello (R-Monroe) has crafted a memo about bringing Community Solar to Pennsylvania.

Days later, PA Representatives Aaron Kaufer (R-Luzerne), Donna Bullock (D-Philadelphia), Peter Schweyer (D-Lehigh) and David Millard (R-Columbia) have proposed a similar memo for the house.

So what is community solar?

With community solar, you can subscribe to a portion of an offsite [not on your own roof] solar project and receive credit on your electricity bill for the power produced, just as if the panels were on your roof. Think of it like community supported agriculture (CSA) for your electricity needs! The farmers get a committed customer base, and can plan their investments for the coming years.

Many of us can’t invest in solar on our own roofs, for a number of reasons. It could be that we’re renters, live in an high-rise condo, or have a shaded or otherwise inappropriate roof for solar. Or, it could be that we’re  not sure how long we may stay in our current home.

image credit: Sierra Club | atlantic2.sierraclub.org/content/community-solar

Community solar gives citizens and businesses the choice to participate—there is no mandate for participation or request for state funding. By passing this legislation, Pennsylvania would join 18 other states in giving its residents and businesses the opportunity to acquire solar energy from a community solar project.

Community Solar simply removes an existing policy and market barrier, allowing for much greater participation in electricity by solar for individuals, business and farmers.

How can you support Community Solar?

Write, call or tweet  your PA State Senator & Rep, asking them to support Senator Scavello & Representative Bullock’s initiatives to bring Community Solar to PA.

Don’t know your legislators in Harrisburg? Find them here.

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